Why Windows VPS is best for Forex

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Forex_-_14414548937What’s a VPS got to do with Forex trading anyway? For those of you who don’t know, it is a ‘Virtual Private Server’. But that’s supposed be related to websites right? Not entirely. You see, a good VPS can enhance your Forex Trading and amazingly help you in all aspects of the trading itself. Let me tell you how that works.

Trading on a VPS can be a great alternative for working on your own pc. For me, if you have your trading connected to a Windows VPS, you are way ahead of other people. Let me explain. You can most certainly install any OS on your VPS, but Windows works great for Forex. It would have a fixed amount of RAM and storage space. This method gives you flexibility and convenience for trading. You stay online at all times, can work from anywhere and at anytime and can even trade when you’re offline.

But why is Windows better than Linux or any other OS? Firstly, the most obvious thing a Windows VPS provides is EA. If you want to run trading on an EA (Robot) 24×7, you might as well choose Windows. Other OS have high chances of crashing and interrupting EA while Windows does not. Plus the fact that it has more sustainability, which means it can work DAYS without shutting down, heating up or crashing.

Secondly, the costs have a giant difference. Windows is cheaper and more cost-effective than any other OS-based VPS. Even considering all kind of bills, most VPS provide you with amazing prices and great packages for the amount of services you get. But it doesn’t mean that paying less would get you a lower quality of things. Not at all. In fact, most Windows VPS have the best qualities of services in the world.

Moreover, you won’t find many Windows VPS now which don’t use ultra fast SSD’s so you can forget about delays in your work. With Windows, this feature is almost guaranteed every single time. No matter which package it is. Speed is top priority for any Windows VPS. On the other hand, you get complete administrative access to the VPS. Most required programs come built in and there is a high chance you will get a great virtualization platform (like Hyper-V) at the best prices you can think of.

Lastly, there are always backup solutions and methods in which you can save your data. No data will be lost and you don’t have to worry about sudden crashes wiping out your information. With integral had drives and data integrity solutions, your data is always safe with Windows. Unlike other OS, where there might be a risk of data loss and chunks of information vanishing into thin air. Yes, that happens, trust me. So what are you waiting for? Get your Windows VPS now!