Using a Windows VPS For Your Business

Category: General Info

windows businessSince the inception of the World Wide Web, lots of open-source software has been utilised due to its free and open nature, allowing low-cost innovation and ultimately a low barrier to entry. The majority of the world’s hosting servers use Linux to serve websites.

Nonetheless, a large proportion of servers also run Windows. Although Windows servers tend to be slightly more expensive due to the licenses required in order to run the operating system, its familiarity with end users is one major reason that makes it a popular choice.

One of the main points of familiarity is using the VPS as a Virtual Desktop, which appears practically identical to a Windows desktop on your home PC. By connecting to the server with a graphical user interface, you can take advantage of hosting infrastructure alongside the familiarity of the Windows environment. This is an obvious benefit to productivity for those that are familiar with the OS environment.

By using a server in this way, you untie the work done upon it from one location to any location. You can connect to your Windows desktop from practically anywhere in the world with an Internet connection fast enough to server the GUI at reasonable latency.

This way of interacting with a server is also great for collaboration. Two or more users can log into the system simultaneously and share data easily amongst one another.

Winity Windows VPS are a popular choice for business users. Our higher specification servers are often the preferred choice of our customers.