Using A Windows VPS For Gaming

Category: General Info

windows gamingAny experienced gamer knows that low latency is an absolute must for an enjoyable game experience. Otherwise, you (and everyone else playing most likely), will suffer from lag, causing jittery actions that can ruin the gaming experience.

As well as low latency, particularly for multiplayer, you need enough bandwidth to supply to everyone connected to the game. Residential connections nowadays tend to have good download speeds, but are not so well equipped with good upload speeds, which is needed when you are the game host.

Peering is also important, if you plan to host games for people from a wider geographical area. You can have low latency and plenty of bandwidth, but if your peering to Asian countries for example, is poor, then anyone playing from that region will not enjoy the same latency that other players do, and likely affect the gaming experience for everyone else.

DDOS protection is also often sought for when looking for a gaming host, as ‘rage-quitting’ and troublesome players are known to cause DDOS attacks on games to affect the outcome.

It is relatively easy to connect to a Windows VPS and use a graphical interface. This means you can set up your gaming server as if you were setting it up from your home Windows PC.

Using a Windows VPS as a gaming server will often offer the path of least resistance, as game creators mostly cater for the Windows community due to its market share. If you are unsure about which operating system to use on your VPS and plan to game, and have used Windows before, then a Windows VPS for gaming is a safe option.

From Minecraft to Crysis, using a Windows VPS for gaming with Winity is simple.