How WebsitePanel for Windows VPS Can Assist a Business

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website panelFor most small business owners, implementing a Windows cloud server and running their own hosting infrastructures are considered an extremely complicated process. If you can’t afford to have another IT staff to help your company in having superior backup and security system, as well as data storage, you should consider getting a fully managed Windows VPS.

An essential tool that you can use for your comprehensive VPS hosting service is an infrastructure automation. There are several automation programs that you can have but the most popular is the Windows WebsitePanel. It’s a multifaceted resource that can help your IT manager in gaining better control when it comes to giving him/her access to all real-time community support. It also allows the manager in consolidating administration tasks.

How WebsitePanel for your Windows VPS can help your business?

WebsitePanel for Windows VPS won’t only help your company in centralizing your hosting infrastructure management but it will also allow sharing resources among your several customer accounts.

One of the best things about it is that it’s available at no additional cost as it’s part of cheap Windows server hosting packages. Because there are no licensing fees for users or accounts, it can help in streamlining both your new and existing applications.

As it doesn’t have compatibility issues, it can help your business in saving time and money on various components in deploying servers, generating users, mailboxes, and other apps. You can easily control your hosting environment in one place. Then, transitioning from several places to one central location is easy.

WebsitePanel for Windows VPS also offers better security, implementation and organization because of its inherent auto-provisioning. This means that there’s no need for a manual provisioning, thereby, reducing the task of your IT staff. Furthermore, it allows better consistent implementation of the changes and updates within the organization.

Because WebsitePanel for Windows VPS is an open source, it makes the entire process fully customizable. Your IT manager can create some features that can only be used within your organization. This will also mean that this tool can conform to any type of business practices. It eliminates the need to modify your own operations just to fit the platform.

Generally, this tool improves your entire business. This remarkable tool  allows your IT staff to free up their time and tasks and perform other duties, instead of being glued to their admin duties. In other words, this infrastructure tool can streamline any type of processes while it eliminate burdens and produces a better ROI.