How to Secure a windows vps

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How to Secure Windows VPS

Want to secure your windows VPS hosting from hackers and spammers? Here we will give you a complete guide to secure your windows VPS hosting. As we all know VPS servers are more secure than shared servers and provide you lot of privacy but still there are few bad guys who can destroy your servers. To get rid of such situation, we need to secure our VPS hosting more than required. Follow the given steps and Secure Windows VPS hosting.


First Protect Yourselves

Install good quality and up to date antivirus on your computer. In most cases, hackers insert keyloggers on your system and then they get you username and passwords. Many people use remember me feature available on their web browsers to ease themselves. Hackers can get your passwords from cookies so avoid such things which can pose a threat to your site. Many users turn off windows firewall so turn it on now as it will reduce 90% of security threats to your computer. So first protect yourself then you can surely protect your windows VPS hosting.



Many users neglect updates because they are time-consuming or they do not know the importance of updates. Every time Hackers crack security then a new update comes to secure that flaw in that operating system. If you want to remain secure then always check for latest updates available and do avail this opportunity towards the security of your site.



Many users pick easy to remember the password for their sites and due to this negligence they pose a real threat to their site. We recommend you to choose strong passwords and you can secure more than 60% of the threat to your site.


Scanning your site with some antivirus

Sometimes you copy a script to your site and you have no idea whether it is secure or not. In such situation regularly scan your site with a good antivirus and if you find anything suspicious contact your hosting providers for more help.


Firewall works as a door. It does not let intruders in password protected areas. Sometimes firewalls cost a lot of money and we do not bother about it but wait a moment. You cook food and leave it outside then believe me everyone will have an eye on it. So secure your hard work and don’t let others take advantage of it.


Default remote desktop connection port 

As many people just buy a hosting server and upload their site to it then they start thinking work is over but, believe me, real works starts when you configure your server. Most of the things are working on default configurations and hackers take advantage of it. You have to configure default remote connection port to make it a real tough work for those who are trying to brute force your site.



To conclude, we must say please it’s you who has to secure his site/server. No one can protect you unless you take care of yourself. We tried to cover up all the security aspects. Hope you like it and do share it with others as it can save a lot of people who do not know.