How A Windows VPS Is Able To Benefit Ecommerce Traders

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In this day and age, ecommerce is huge business, with many companies now choosing to operate solely online, and many more offering customers the opportunity to purchase products and services online via their website. When you stop and take a moment to think about exactly why ecommerce online business has proven so popular over the last decade or so, it actually makes perfect sense. Thanks to the invention of smart technology, more and more people now have access to the internet than ever before, and what’s more is the fact that they can access websites and purchase products and services by barely lifting a finger. Think of an online store as an extension of a high street store. Many high street stores will open online stores as this is essentially giving them the opportunity to double their revenue and customer base. However, before opening any online store, ecommerce traders must first consider how it is they plan on hosting their website. A poorly hosted website can not only affect business, in some cases it can literally destroy business as well, and that is the last thing any ecommerce trader will want. A windows VPS server is by far the most popular and most effective method of hosting any business online, as there are so many benefits to be enjoyed. Here we’ll be taking a look at what a Windows VPS is, and how it can be so beneficial for ecommerce traders all over the world.

What is a windows VPS? – A windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) is equipped with special virtualisation software which is installed on a dedicated server which basically tricks the machine into operating as a number of different machines and devices. Imagine one cake, and now imagine that cake being cut into slices. Each of those slices will resemble the resources and they will remain yours as they are not shared with other devices like on shared servers. One of the most beneficial uses of a VPS however, is to operate high traffic websites, just like ecommerce websites that will hopefully be seeing countless visitors and potential customers every single day. The main ecommerce benefits associated with a windows VPS include the following:

Simple to upgrade and improve – Remember, all ecommerce businesses have to start somewhere, and as a result many of these websites and online stores will start out small, and will be scaled up as business becomes more successful. The great thing about a windows VPS however, is that it is incredibly simply to upgrade and improve your website as demand and interest for you begins to increase. As your site becomes busier and begins seeing more traffic, you may require more resources such as additional memory perhaps. On shared hosting servers, to perform upgrades and maintenance the site would need to be closed down and the process could take hours, which would lose you money and potential customers. On a VPS however, upgrades and improvements can be made in minutes, even seconds. As on online business, the only method your customers have of reaching you, is with being online via your website, so naturally keeping your site online as much as possible is going to be the key to your success.

They’re very affordable – When we think of ecommerce online stores, we think of sites such as Amazon that generate billions upon billions each year. In reality however, most ecommerce businesses are considerably smaller than that, and as a result they will need to save as much money as possible by making the wisest investments with their budgets. A windows VPS is much more cost efficient than a dedicated server, and what’s more is the fact that the average price per month costs less than the average phone contract. The amount that you will pay with a windows VPS is also fixed, so you can easily budget and manage your funds whilst watching your spending. What’s more is the fact that if you do see yourself using a VPS for the foreseeable future, and you really should in many experts’ opinion, if you sign up for a year up front it will cost much less than paying monthly, which was already affordable in the first place.

You have full control – Another great ecommerce benefit of using a windows VPS is the fact that you can enjoy full control over your store. You will have administrator access and as a result you can start, stop, or reinstall your server in seconds, including being able to restore it back to its original state to begin with. Basically you have full control so you can do with it what you like, you can access what you like, and you can even customize it however you like, allowing you to install whichever applications you require.

On top of the above, a windows VPS has been found to be incredibly safe and secure, which is absolutely essential when dealing with personal banking details and financial matters, so there’s the added peace of mind there as well. VPS hosting is growing more popular with each day, and it’s really not surprising why, either.