Forex On a Windows VPS

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forex text and business graph 3d rendered

forex text and business graph 3d rendered

A forex virtual private server refers to a private server that contains a virtual machine that a trader can use to make trades and run algorithmic trading programs. The attraction of a Forex VPS is that it can run constantly and will not be prone to outages. A forex VPS may also allow a trader to run more programs simultaneously than would otherwise be possible. The forex VPS is very useful in forex trading because it is not completely dependent on the machine performance or the internet connection. It is such a powerful machine that will not require you to restart. In addition, the forex VPS is flexible, and you can access it from the global platform. It is essential that it is specifically designed to efficiently perform tasks related to forex for online customers. You can simultaneously run it up to four (4) different trading platforms all at the same time with the help of a forex VPS hosting. Lastly, all the EA (Expert Advisor) files are installed in precisely the right folders which will help you and the system to get rid of costly mistakes.

A forex VPS can make sense for a program trader looking to scale up operations. For most beginners, however, the challenge is how to trade, not how to run 20 trading algorithms simultaneously, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you are having success running you’re trading by using expert advisors, then a forex VPS may help with risk management and scaling. In online forex trading, one of the biggest concerns being that when your laptop or PC goes freezes, hibernates, or crashes can greatly affect the results, especially if you are in the middle of a trade. Consider an example where you have taken a position for EUR/USD and suddenly your internet connection goes bad, and the market started moving against your position and on the top of it you forgot to put STOP LOSS or TAKE PROFIT!! Cases such as these can greatly impact your forex trading as the risks are high.

This is where forex vps hosting comes into play to save the day. Forex VPS hosting allows Forex traders to take advantage of the virtual environment on the hosting company’s servers in order to run the Met trader expert advisors non-stop 24/7. The forex VPS is always on-line and a powerful machine, unlike your home PC or laptop. Another biggest advantage in using forex VPS hosting is that it is not affected by the power outages and you don’t need to worry about keeping your PC always on. When using forex VPS hosting services in forex trading, you certainly might never have to look at your internet connection. The service is very efficient in offering you with automated service for 24 hours a day without interruption the efficiency rate of this service is very high, and it offers non-stop automation every second of the day. Once you sign up for a forex VPS hosting account, an assigned IP address of the virtual server is given to you. You have to build a link connected to your VPS on your desktop with the assigned. In general, forex VPS hosting servers have pre-installed MT4 or MT5 trading platforms. You only have to upload or install your forex expert advisor to the VPS system which is usually done through a FTP or a file manager client.

Why choose forex VPS hosting

  • For starters, forex VPS hosting is not for everyone but only those traders that trade heavily on the forex markets
  • Forex vps hosting does not depend on factors such as internet connection or the machine crashing
  • Forex VPS hosting servers are powerful machines that does not need to be restarted
  • Forex VPS hosting offers traders the flexibility to work from the comfort of your home, and you can access your server from the global platform
  • Forex VPS hosting is designed for performing forex related tasks very much efficiently for online customers
  • With forex VPS hosting, you can simultaneously run up to 4 different trading platforms at the same time
  • All EA files are installed in exactly the correct folders which avoids and costly errors




The speed of order execution is usually of the highest importance for traders, especially for those who run automated trading systems. To achieve maximum performance for trading applications, it is necessary to host them as near as possible to the services and networks they will be interfacing with, such as brokers and other financial institutions, as well as account managers and signal providers

  1. Security

Of no less importance, adequate system security is critical for all applications, whether an individual trader’s Meta Trader 4 platform or advanced backend financial software. There are implicit security benefits gained by offloading your software to a remote system; in addition, our Windows Server VPS templates are continuously updated to protect from intruders and other threats.

III. Accessibility 

Just like a website would not be reliably accessible if it was hosted from a home or office computer (instead of a web hosting server), trading software becomes much more reliable when moved to a VPS or dedicated hosting solution. The tools and protocols built-in to our service, such as RDP (Remote Desktop) and VNC, allow you to easily connect to your forex VPS from anywhere, with no extra setup or configuration necessary.

  1. On-demand Upgrades

Hosting with virtualized infrastructure allows you to forego the work that goes into estimating capacity requirements and planning physical hardware upgrades, because resource allocations for VMs are handled “in the cloud.” Our platform can upgrade and downgrade systems, as well as provision new systems, on demand. This allows you to pay for only the resources you need